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Prayers of the Faithful:

        8-7-21 Bill Hart

Lift Bill Hart up in prayer. He’s been admitted to Baptist Collierville with chest pain and difficulty breathing.  He’s been struggling with lung cancer

        8-7-21 RUDY BERNIL

MOM PASSED AWAY AROUND 10 AM (pst) in CA. She was in pain and must have gone quickly.  She was in her 90’s..  Do keep Rudy and family in your prayers.  She loved Mama Mary and prayed the Rosary much.  Our Lady took her home to be with Jesus on this 1st Saturday devotion.

        8-7-21 DIANE ACKERMAN

Prayers of Thanksgiving –  Her mother DID NOT have cancer, (THANKS TO YOUR PRAYERS) Doctors are treating her for  PTL.

        6-16-21 Fran Moore –

               In lock down for 2 weeks because of a positive test                          
               among the staff

        4-15-21 Alex Reider –

               For Healing


3-26-21 Diane Ackerman

Diane is in the hospital she has a tear in the colon and she wanted me to pass along to the prayer group to pray for her. Surgeon will determine if tear require surgery. She has infection in stomach and being treated with antibiotics buy IV. Please pass along to everyone else in the group. Thanks 

+2-16-21 Peter Roman Rose R.I.P

Please keep my younger brother Peter (Pete) Roman Rose in your prayers. He passed away from multiple Health Issues in New York this evening. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. I thank the Lord for his merciful touch on him and me throughout the past week… I will miss him!

1-26-21 Pray for Deacon Walt Bolton.

On  January 26, in the middle of the day, Deacon Walt was attacked by two teenagers as he was coming out of St. John’s Church.  He sustained injuries to his face as they took his car keys.  But within a couple of blocks of the church, the police apprehended the boys, but by then they had rammed the car into a fence;  we do not know the condition of the car.
Deacon Werner talked to Deacon Walt and says that he seemed calm, but he is concerned about the boys and he is praying for them.  He told Deacon Werner that he is offering up his injuries for the souls in purgatory.
So please pray for Deacon Walt’s healing and for the boys’ conversions.  But also offer prayers of thanksgiving that the situation was not worse.  God Bless!

~ Sharon ~ Associate Liaison & Communications Chairperson for the CCRMD

+1/3/21 Terry Wright – R.I.P.

I had the joy of being Jim and Terry Wright’s Pastor for 16 years. Terry was a giant of faith, a  powerful advocate for the charismatic renewal, a wonderful mother/GM, one who took seriously Vatican II’s call to lay ministry and leadership,  a good friend.
Terry, pray for us from your high place in heaven!
Msgr. Al Kirk (Pastor Emeritus: Church of the Holy Spirit)

Another spirit-filled founding member has gone on to be with the Lord Jesus.  Memphis is gaining a lot of Charismatic Saints in heaven to intercede for the rest of us below.  I will send a MASS card from the Renewal and one from the St. Louis Prayer Group which is still meeting on Sunday afternoons at 2:40.   PTL.   Carlene Inzer

———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: michael lenahan <>
Subject: Re: Passing of Terry Wright
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 11:41:17 -0600

Terry and Jim Wright were amazing Catholics. They were leaders in the Renewal for many, many years. I may be incorrect, but I do believe that they were the founders of the St. Louis Prayer Group.

Years ago when I made my first Life in the Spirit Seminar, the Leaders were Terry and Jim. Also at the seminar we’re Msgr. Clunan, Msgr. Helmer, Father Carl Hood, Father Jim Martell, Ralph and Gwen Seng. Over 100 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Both Msgrs. were great supporters of the Renewal.
Larry and Mary Wright lead the music.
It’s very sad to have Terry pass. She’s been a contributing member of the Servants of the Upper Room. She and Flo Piano led a prayer ministry at St. Louis for years. Now, they are in Heaven praying for us together once again.
Great people, Great servants of the Lord.
Helen Michael Lenahan Holy Spirit Prayer Group Leaders (at OLPH)

+12/29/20 Linda McGee – R.I.P.

Please pray for the repose of Linda’s soul. She passed away Monday, December 28, 2020, after a 5 week fight with COVID.
Expressions of Sympathy may be sent to:
Mr. Glenn McGee
418 Cairn Cove
Cordova, TN 38018.
(Her husband is Glenn McGee, daughter, Laura, and son, Eric)

12/11/20 The Bickels  – In Thanksgiving

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Leah and Nick Bickel both have gotten the results of the COVID-19 Molecular Test. We both have been found to be negative.

12/1/20 Bill Hart –

Update 12/12/20 – He and his wife, Nancy, are still suffering from the effects of COVID. Nancy has a great deal of fatigue. Bill is still coughing. Thankfully neither have needed hospitalization.

+11/22/20  Bill Platten – R.I.P.

Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of Bill Platten, (who passed away from COVID) and for his wife Rene’ and family. Bill was head of Fishers of Men and a supporter of Men’s Morning of Spirituality.

12/28/20 John Rose

Thanksgiving-After testing positive, tested negative after mandatory quarantine.

9/19/20 Dc. Werner & Provie

Prayers-Special Intentions

9/17/20 Mills Vautrot, Sr. –

Prayers-Health Concern

9/16/20 Helen Lenehan –

Prayers-For Health Improvement

9/16/20 Mike Lenehan –

Thanksgiving-Recovery for Prostate Cancer

Joe Londino –


6/17/20 – Provie Rose

Thanksgiving-Provie would like to thank all for prayers, during her bout with Shingles. Hoping for complete leg recovery.

Julia Cervantes –


+8/6/20  Mike Yarbrough – R.I.P.

Prayers-Please pray for the Repose of Mike Yarbrough’s Soul due to COVID. Also for the family for peace, reconciliation, and healing. 
Sympathy Cards may be sent to:
Mrs. Carol Yarbrough and Family, 529 South Main, Covington, TN. 38019.
Received this message from Carol Yarbrough’s sister Becky.  The family is asking that food, groceries, cards, money, gift cards, etc, be sent to Coleman address (see below).  Please pass this inf. on to others.
THANKS  Jane Wegner
Thank you all so very much for the thoughts, prayers and good vibes for my sister Carol Yarbrough and her husband Mike Yarbrough.

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