6-8-21 CATHOLIC NEWS-(JUNE 7, 2021) Please Join in Praying for Our Bishops for the Next 9 Days.


We’re rallying hundred of thousands of Catholic to pray for a very special intention: our bishops.

In just 9 days, the bishops of the United States will gather (virtually) for their biannual meeting to pray, collaborate, and work together on issues important to the Church in America. Their agenda includes discussion of various liturgical translations as well as a pastoral “framework” on marriage and family life ministry.

But the Bishops are also expected to take up another big issue: “eucharistic coherence.”

What’s that mean?

In sum, many of our bishops recognize that far too many Catholics have never been taught, do not understand, or simply do not appreciate the beauty and the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. The sacred body and blood of Our Lord in the sacrament of Holy Communion is the source and summit of our Christian life. Yet widespread misunderstandings, errors, and outright scandal and heresies persist everywhere, from everyday lay people, to priests, politicians, and even presidents.

Something must be done. Which is why we are urging every Catholic in America to pray the Holy Rosary, or the Corpus Christi Novena for the next nine days. Pray that our Bishops have the courage to persevere — and to act.

Many Catholics have been praying and calling for some kind of intervention for years, even decades. Meanwhile the threats posed to the beauty and integrity of the sacrament, even the integrity of the Church itself, have only grown worse.

We need leadership now.

The Bishops are expected to vote on whether to move forward with the drafting of a “teaching document” to help bring much needed clarity to the many misunderstandings about the nature and gift of the sacrament. Their aim is not to condemn, but to help renew a much needed appreciation of the Eucharist as the center of our Christian lives.

Partisans and so-called progressive Catholic voices are already working overtime to scuttle the plans. Even Cardinals and some bishops are urging that the subject be put off until the Bishops meet again in person. Doing so could push back the release of any document 18 months or even 2 years!

Meanwhile the predictable agitators are using terms like “culture warrior bishops,” or the “weaponization of the Eucharist.” The mainstream media is likewise adding to the confusion, framing next week’s meeting as a politically motivated broadside to punish Joe Biden. It’s all nonsense.

The issue is simple: protecting the beauty and integrity of the Eucharist, by rekindling a love and respect for the sacrament that applies to everyone, from the simplest Catholic to prominent public officials and leaders.

If we truly believe what we profess, then it’s time to get serious.

And get praying!

Please join us in praying for our bishops for the next 9 days.

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