6-13-21 St. Louis Prayer Group Listening Session

 St. Louis Prayer Group Listening Session


*   I am with you all and love you.      Listen.      Your faithfulness is like incense before Me. I accept it and you bring me joy.     Ask my children. I have much to give you.      I open my treasure house to you.

*   Break forth in joyful shouts of joy for you have the victory that has been won for you.

*   I am with you all and your families. Reach out to me and lean on Me. I am there for you every moment.

*   There is a quiet place within you which you need to go daily to be renewed.

*   My blessing upon each of you and your families.

A Conversation With The Lord:  —-   Jesus, what is on my mind is the Renewal; and how we are to fan into flame your Fire of Divine Love.

*   Jesus’ Answer:  —-   So much must happen for the tenders to catch fire.  World events need to turn around and seek my face.  My fire can only ignite the wood that is dried up of self.  Then I can fan into flame the fire that will produce a heat & light that will warm people’s hearts and illuminate their souls.  My love & light will cause a transformation, not only in them, but also those who are in contact with them.  My love, healing and light is spread from one bonfire to another, until the whole world is set on fire.

*   Listen now with all your heart for the words I am telling you!





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