8-16-21 Carlene’s St. Louis Prayer Group Listening Session – Dated August 8, & August 15, 2021


Listening Session 8/15/2021

*   Yes, my children, I am speaking to you as My divine light shines upon you.     Walk in it.

*   I am with you and hearing your concerns and your praises.     Know that I keep my eyes on my own.     I am protecting you all and your families.     Stay close to me.

Prayer of Praise:      It is my joy to honor you in all that I do to honor you.

*   I am your Loving Father, be still and come to Me.

*   The battle is pursuing you.      I am the Almighty God.       I protect.       I provide.      Come to Me as a little child.         I am the Good Shepard.

Statement of Praise:      The battle belongs to the Lord.

*   Stand up My children.      Stand up and be heard in gentleness.      Much will be accomplished when you are gentle, for that is when the power you have is under control.

*   There is much to do, do not focus on the distractions.        Seek My will and follow Me.

I will show each of you my will as you seek my presence.


Listening Session 8-8-21

*   Make our hearts your dwelling place. Let the gift of your Spirit fall on all and cleanse all.


*   My fire is falling upon those in this room and across the world. Your praises help bring this down. Your praise and worship ripples across this world. Know that I am with you and empowering each of you and all of my children.


*   Oh My children, how I love you.    You are Mine.     Feel Me as I hold you.


*   I am with you all and helping and healing you.      My children, every one of your praises are heard.


*   Give Me your fears and concerns. Bring them to me for I am with you, protecting you, and covering you with the wings of My love.


*   Be still and make time for me.      Share with me your joys and concerns.      I want an intimate relationship with each of my children.


*   Hold still and hear my voice.       I will direct you.


*   I am the bread of life, the living bread of eternal life.


*   I give each of you a fresh anointing to walk in My power with Kingdom Authority.


*   There is much to do and I am conforming all of you to Myself.      I have plans for each of you.      Seek my will.


*   You please Me my children.     I am doing a work in each of you.




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