CCRMD Prayer Groups


Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Holy Spirit Prayer Group)

Mike and Helen Lenahan 901-570-0969

Bill and Virginia Kilgore 901-871-4314

ARTICLE SUBMITTED By Helen Lenahan: 6-29-21

Holy Spirit Prayer Group at Our Lady celebrated their return from COVID with a luncheon in Father Gresham Hall on Tuesday, June 29th. See pictures below. 

The prayer group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 1pm in Fr. Gresham Hall. On the months with a fifth Tuesday, the group has a luncheon with fellowship. 

At their prayer meetings, they begin with noon mass, followed by praying the rosary. They then move to Fr. Gresham Hall at 1pm for praise and worship, followed by praying the Battle Plan of Servants of the Upper Room. 

Contact Bill Kilgore at, or Helen Lenahan at 901-570-0970 for more information.       



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St. Louis Church (One Body One Spirit Prayer Group)

Carlene Inzer 901-454-5314

Nick and Leah Bickel 469-993-5080

ARTICLE SUBMITTED BY Carlene Inzer 6-25-21: Prayer Group Listening Session 6/20/2021

*   My children, your praise is sweet to me. I love each of you dearly. Listen and be still often. I have much to share with you.

*   I am the Great I AM. I look deep into the heart and spirit of each of you. I am pleased.

*   I come down as my Father’s blessing on each of you.

*   I am with you all and blessing you. Your praise and worship rise to my throne and I accept it. Remember me and spend time with me daily. I treasure these times and want to give you much. Ask me and I will give you what you need. I love you.

*   I have such great love for all of you.

*   There is nothing that God our Lord will not do in love for his children.

*   I am with you and healing each of you.

*   In these troubled times there is much to do.     Be not afraid.     Be firm and go in my peace and protection.

*   Spread the Gospel in your words and deeds.

Prayer:  -   Lord Jesus remove the mountains of our distractions and obstacles that stand in the way of your perfect will.

*   I have heard your prayers. Your faith sustains you.

*   I go before each of you in all that you do. Walk in the path I have set before you.


ST. Mary’s Jackson (Life in the Spirit Prayer Group)

Beth Londino 731-421-2750

Sharon Reiter 731-415-0133



St. Michael Catholic Church (Grupo de Oración de San Miguel)

José Zarra 901-233-1194

Dalia L. Chaidez 901-232-6974

Padre Ben Bradshaw 901-3213-0896


Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church (Grupo Carismático Hispano)

Krissna Vasquez 901-857-0626


St. John Catholic Church (Grupo de Oración San Juan)

Santos Jiménez 901-832-9508

Uwaldo Ramirez 901-486-6522


St. Bridget Catholic Church (Grupo de Oración Santa Brigida)

Urbano Diaz 901-364-0866


Catholic Church of the Resurrection (Grupo de Oración de La Resurrecctión)

Victor Ramirez 901-606-7835

Dora Ramirez 901-265-6278