St. Louis Prayer Group – Listening Session 8/16/2020

Listening Session


*   You please Me my children. I am with you now as I dwell in the praises of my children.

*   There is nothing more joyful to me than the praise of those who worship me.

*   A Reflection:  –   Praise brings Christ closer to us and allows the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us.

*   Wait upon the word and be satisfied with what you have received.


*   Fear not. I come in love to console, to heal, and give you life more abundantly. Fear me not.

*  I am the God of all creation. I cherish all of you, for you have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

*   I come before you as one who loves. Receive my love. Adore me and worship me for I am holy.

*   I have come so that you may have abundant life.

*   A Reflection:  –   We come to the throne of grace with the Son who is the source of life.


*   Be Still and listen often. Share with me the joys and concerns of your heart. Am I not your best friend?

*   Do not be afraid, hold nothing back that I give you to share. I want to speak to you and guide you and have a relationship with you.

*   I love you today and always.

*   My children, your praise is joyful to me. Be still and come to me in the interior life of your heart. Spend time with me. I have much to teach you. I love each of you dearly. There is much to do, and I want to continue to prepare you for your calling.

*   Everyone has the discernment they need to serve Me. Do you see the distinction between good and evil? This distinction is real and separates us. I have light that is to shine on those who are lost and in need of understanding. This light has come, for you are the light. Go into the world, moment by moment, step by step as I lead you.


*   There is much to do my little ones. You must step out and follow my Word. Come to me all of you who are troubled, and I will give you rest.


*   A Vision Received:   An image of us in the boat where it is safe and comfortable. There is risk involved when we step out, but Jesus is there with his right hand to help us, if we allow him.

*   I have empowered you to follow and I will continue to empower you as you follow.

*   Step out in faith, as I hold you by your right hand.

*   Demonic spirits are real. The battle has begun. There is a dominion of darkness, but it will be removed. The victory is in sight. It is a victory of love. It is the victory of Jesus with all of those who come to him.

*   The time is coming for change. You all will be changed and so will the world. Know that I have it.

*   Sacrificial love. That is the joy I give. Look up high. I am raised on high. My desire is peace for all who will receive. I reign over all of my creation. My dominion endures forever.

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