OLPH – Holy Spirit Prayer Group

Holy Spirit Prayer Group

The Holy Spirit Prayer Group at OLPH meets the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month at 7pm in Fr. Gresham Hall at OLPH.  The average attendance runs from 12 to 20 mainly depending on the season of the year. All members are English speaking and average over 60 years of age.  The majority are parishioners of OLPH. The prayer group doesn’t have a spiritual director/assistant.  However, when we have asked for help from the pastor and associate priests, they are glad to assist.

Format for the prayer group is as follows:


Opening prayers, then praying left to right over each other.

Praise and Worship

Listening to the Lord speak through prophecy or pictures

Teaching, sharing, or witnessing session

Intercession Rosary

Prayer Teams, if requested

Members of the prayer group have attended training at Locus Benedictus Retreat Center in Greenwood, MS to grow in their charismatic gifts for use in prayer ministry.

Several women from the group attended a charismatic weekend retreat at Locus Benedictus, especially for women, entitled “Our Lady’s role with the Holy Spirit”.  The speaker was Andi Oney from LA.

A charismatic weekend study of “Spiritual Warfare for the Laity” given at Locus Benedictus was also attended by our members.  The speaker was Father David Seid from St. Joseph Seminary in Covington, LA.

Future Plans

Since many of us are into our senior years, we’re now limiting ourselves and becoming more involved in parish activities.  We realize that we can no longer organize and work events without outside help or resources.

 Thus, Holy Spirit Prayer Group is following the lead of the Pastor, Father Matthew.  Many of us are engaging in the Intentional Discipling initiative at OLPH parish.  The hope is to “rebuild souls to rebuild the Church.” (my words)

A few members have joined the “Freedom Through Christ” team under the direction of Deacon Bob Walker.

Core Team Members of Holy Spirit Prayer Group at OLPH—

Suzanne Johnson

Bill and Virginia Kilgore

Mike and Helen Lenahan

Melanie Miles


Submitted by Helen Lenahan

February 24, 2020

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