St. Louis – One Bread, One Spirit – Listening Sessions

*   Come my children. I am anointing you with love. Your anointment is so sweet and pleasing to me.
*   There is much to do and I call each one of you to me. Seek and follow my plan.
*   Many of  My children perish for lack of vision and yet few share MY vision I give them.
*   My child listen to me. Be still and listen often to discern and remember My word. Many will come. Remember you are all My children.
*   Many come in My name. Pray for discernment before you follow. Always ask Me, the great I AM, for guidance and truth.
*   My children as you follow ME lead my sons and daughters along with you. Bring them to Me by telling them of My love and sacrifice for them. Tell them how fearfully and wonderfully made they are. Ask them to reach out for Me as I only but need them to ask.
*   Open your hearts and feel the very breath of God. Come forth my children and spread the good news.
*   Pray in the spirit of Elijah. Be not just hearers of the Word, but also be doers of what you hear.
*   When you know not what to pray, call upon my Spirit who knows the mind of God.
A Prayer Answered:    After singing “Holy is his name” and reflecting on the words in prayer I said to the Lord; Father thank you. You have given us your Son who died for us to save us. Now we also have your gift of the Holy Spirit. What more could you have done for us and yet so many still do not understand?   –   The Lord answered me;  –  There is always more. Come to me, there is always more.
*   I am Abba, your father. Jesus is my Son and Savior. Call out to us in your time of need.
*   Do you see the many delicacies ripe for the picking. Pick, then enjoy them. Share them. Restore others thru them. I smile as these delicacies are shared. Share them among many. Spread it through acts of love and kindness. It is in my nature for all nations to rejoice. I have come into your land. I establish freedom for all who desire it. Look into your heart and see. I am overwhelmed with love for you all. Perceive it my child. Perceive and receive it. I have a new kingdom. One you have never known before. Pray my children. Pray for salvation. Pray for hearts to be opened wide to receive all I have to give. Pray against the wiles and schemes of the enemy.
*   Do not fall into the snares of the evil one no matter how innocent it seems. Pray, pray, pray to receive discernment and feel the anointing as it falls afresh on you.
*   My mercy is everlasting for those who seek my love. It is your covering protection from the fiery darts of the enemy.
*   Son, there is much to do. My children are lost and hungry following the leaders of this world  who try to lead them astray. I will deal with them.
*   The revelation is beginning because you pray in the name of my Son. I spread out the prayers far and wide. A little prayer goes a long way. Your prayers rise as a sacrifice pleasing to My heart. When you are in the presence of Christ, that is a mighty place to be because of his power in Me.
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