St. Michael Prayer Group – Summer Ave, Memphis

ST. MICHAEL’S Hispanic Prayer Group — Summer Ave. Memphis

Normally St. Michael’s Prayer Group meets every Friday at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary of St. Michael Catholic Church.  Every two weeks we have a vigil in the homes of team members for prayer and further formation in church teachings.  For the group at large, the following special activities occurred in 2019:

August 9th Franciscans Friars from Birmingham Alabama.

August 10th Retreat of Consecration to St. Michael.

August 18th The team traveled to Kansas City to experience a two-day “Rescue Retreat.”

September 29th. Consecration to St. Michael the Archangel.

October 4th Franciscans Friars, from Birmingham, Alabama

October 11th and 18th  Missionary Odvardy Escudero Rey traveled from Mexico

November 11-12th. We held a 2-day “Rescue Retreat.”

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Elvira Loya and Delia Chapa                                                 February 2020  

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